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Dreamcaster: The Very Best of the Rick King Project

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Twenty Nineteen

Twenty Nineteen is the latest effort from The Rick King Project. The compositions are inspired by the music of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre , John Carpenter as well as others. ​


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Junipers in Winter

Designed for relaxation and contemplation, The Rick King Project is back with a collection of 12 tunes to help you unwind and relax from your busy day.

The Essence of Time


The Essence of Time is something that you can not touch, but it is a force that can not be resisted. It compels us to discover and invent new technologies and works of art. 

It is the force that makes everyone strive to leave their mark upon this world we live knowing that our lives are only a fraction of second in the Galactic scale of time. This album is a chance to reflect on these things. As you listen, let the music take you into new understanding of the world around you and contemplate the Grand Designer of it all.

Beyond the Sky

-From longtime Contemporary Christian Artist and former radio personality Rick King comes a collection of 17 Epic Cinematic Instrumentals ideal for film trailers, television themes and New Age music. A departure from his previous releases, Rick has temporarily ventured into the realm of Soundtracks. Inspired by his love of the music from shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Black Sails, Game of Thrones and many others, he has taken the opportunity to pursue the cinematic depths of his soul... 

Alpha, Omega, Infinity

The eighth album by The Rick King Project, 'Alpha, Omega, Infinity' was inspired by the symbol displayed on the front cover. The songs are definitely electronic, ranging from pure pop to hard EBM. Also present is a strong ministry aspect, emphasizing the concept of an ever present Jesus.

The seventh album by The Rick King Project, 'Temporary Citizens' was conceived with the simple truth that everything we know and experience are temporary, one day it will all end.

   Enter the world of Raymond Rodriguez, the 15 year old son of a prominent Space Force officer!
   A world where space pirates roam the space-ways of the solar system and every moon and space station can hold a mystery and danger! 
   Through either fate or providence, Raymond finds himself in the middle of a war between the pirates, led by the notorious outlaw pirate Captain Tobias Jones AKA Blackbeard, who have the goal of seeing the total destruction of the United Solar System Alliance, and Space Force Command, it's the military arm. Excitement is the order of the day as our young heroes fall into one adventure after another among the moons of Jupiter. 
                       It all begins with...
The Space Force Chronicles: Book One- Raymond and the Space Pirates
For Raymond Rodriguez, becoming a slave to the notorious pirates of Jupiter is out of the question. He and his friends, Mike and Sonja, devise a desperate plan to unite a group of kids, rescue their families and take back the mighty spaceliner 'The Sovereign of the Sky'!

The Art of Rick King

Mythical Creatures... Beautiful Women...Larger-Than-Life Heroes! Welcome to the Science-Fiction and Fantasy worlds of illustrator Rick King! Now for the first time, the lavish illustrations of popular digital artist Rick King is now available in print! Over 30 of his most spectacular pieces are available for you to own.

A 2 disc CD project culled mostly previous releases from The Rick King Project- 'Dreamcaster' has a very diverse selection of songs.


From classics like the Blues infused "Sinner Man" and the rap song "Run 2 Him" to the New Age piano instrumentals opus "A Return to Parthenia" and the fictitious movie theme "Junipers in Winter", Dreamcaster is a sonic journey through a world of wonder and awe.


Also included is "Poison" -a brand new, never before released song written as a demo for the Smooth Soul/R&B artist known as Sade and a smooth jazz piece entitled "Sweet Surrender".

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